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Building IT infrastructure that works for you


  • If you can imagine it, we can build it!
  • Server-side software accessible via a standard browser
  • Mobile apps that can interact with APIs on servers
  • Backup automation and disaster recovery assistance


  • We can host your new system on our private cloud and take care of the administration workload...
  • ...or set it up in a public cloud (Amazon Web Services preferred)...
  • ...or source, build and configure hardware for you.


  • Network setup and configuration
  • Internet connectivity
  • Layered security
About us

Hello! We are a small company based in southern England.

We have a private cloud in the Greater London area, with ultra-fast low-latency connectivity to the internet backbone.

We can act as your Managed Service Provider or teach you how to run your new system.

The company is run by its founder, Andrew Pirie (LinkedIn profile).

Please contact us if you would like an exploratory discussion about how we can help.